PSEG Long Island Employees Dig Deep

PSEG Long Island employees volunteered at the Carpenter Farm Park in Greenlawn, New York to help restore the park’s natural ecosystem.

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PSEG Long Island employee volunteers support community organizations and worthy causes throughout Long Island and the Rockaways through its Community Partnership Program.

Photo by: PSEG Long Island.

Greenlawn, NY - August 9, 2016 - PSEG Long Island employees volunteered at the Carpenter Farm Park in Greenlawn, New York to help restore the park’s natural ecosystem, cleaning up trash and clearing an invasive plant species.

“PSEG Long Island sees significant value in working to give back to our communities and neighbors, helping to enrich the quality of life across Long Island and in the Rockaways,” said David Daly, president and COO, PSEG Long Island. “The restoration project at Carpenter Farm Park is just one of many places across our service territory where our customers will see our employee volunteers serving the community.”

PSEG Long Island’s volunteers removed multiple multiflora rose bushes, an invasive species to Long Island, helping to clear the land for the future planting of native grasses, plants and flowers. The grasslands restoration project will provide a habitat for native insects, birds, and pollinators. The multiflora rose bush is just one of many invasive plant species that the Conservation Board regularly contends with in maintaining the Park’s delicate ecosystem.

“I would like to commend the group of volunteers from PSEG Long Island for their work at Carpenter Farm in Greenlawn,” stated Councilman Mark Cuthbertson. “Their cleanup effort, which involved removing invasive shrubs and trimming back vegetative brush also helped to celebrate ‘National Trails Day’ that was sponsored by the American Hiking Society.”

"The volunteers from PSEG Long Island's Community Partnership Program are beyond awesome. I thoroughly enjoyed working with the group and seeing what they accomplished in just three hours.  Kudos to you all,” said Julie Sullivan, volunteer coordinator, invasive plants sub-committee, conservation board.  “Carpenter Farm Park’s native grasslands restoration project will help preserve Huntington's native plant heritage for future generations.  Again, thanks for the good work and for your contribution to this important effort."

PSEG Long Island is committed to giving back to the people and the communities it serves. Employee engagement in our community is a priority for the company. PSEG Long Island employees have taken up the responsibility to get involved with local charity events and organizations through our Community Partnership Program.  In 2015, PSEG Long Island worked with more than 200 Long Island organizations.

For more information on PSEG Long Island’s Community Partnership Program visit here.