Long Island Boaters Gather for Hemstock


Hemlock Cove plays host the yearly boating party on the Great South Bay.

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Long Island boaters are gathering today for what is known as Hemstock. The event takes place at Hemlocks Cove, located right on the Great South Bay in Babylon.
Although the event is dedicated to having fun and enjoying the great summer weather on the bay, this year a local charity is using the event to promote a good cause. The Louis Segreto 26 Foundation is aiming to raise money for people fighting life threatening illness.
The Louis Segreto 26 Foundation is dedicated to honoring the life of police officer Louis Segreto, who died of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in March of this year.
The foundation will be selling Hemstock T-Shirts throughout the crowds of boaters at Hemlock Cove. A small way to raise money for the foundation, however they are hoping to raise awareness as well, for the larger projects and events that the organization hosts.
In June, the foundation held an event called Lax for Lou. At the event, Louis’ old lacrosse teammates from Sachem East High School and Hartwick University gathered to play a game against the Philippine National Lacrosse Team at Hofstra University. The foundation’s team won the game, but more importantly they were able to raise over $3,000.
The organization’s first event was able to raise over $6,600 for a nine-year-old girl named Anna fighting leukemia. The event was called 821 for Anna - named for the 821 day treatment that she is currently undergoing.
While the foundation will certainly be holding more events in the future, it is important to raise awareness for causes such as these. So while you are out on the boat at Hemlock enjoying the last few weeks we have left of summer, remember that a small act of kindness can mean all the difference for a great cause.