Ronkonkoma Resident Facing Deportation was an FBI Informant According to Wife

Monique Faisal says her husband, Balal Parveez, was a federal informant. He believed working with the FBI would help him stay in the country.

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Last Friday Balal Parveez, 24, delivered his newborn daughter in the front seat of his car on the way to Stony Brook Hospital. Just five days later the Ronkonkoma resident was detained by immigration officers and kept in federal custody. This arrest and possible deportation to Pakistan is one of many over the immigration status of Parveez.
Parveez’s wife, Monique Faisal, 21, calls the deportation unfair. She told PIX11 news her husband had been working as a federal informant because he believed it would help his immigration status. The FBI sent him to mosques on Fridays and Parveez kept it a secret from everyone including his wife. Working with the FBI didn't help his status as he thought it would as Parveez is currently detained and faces deportation to Pakistan.
The Parveez family came to the United States from Pakistan when he was five-years-old after his father was threatened over doing business with the United States. Since moving to this country Balal attended Long Island schools from kindergarten to college. While in Smithtown High School he was quarterback for the football team. 
Parveez’s immigration woes started after high school when he was 18. All his siblings became citizens but a legal error by his lawyer kept him from getting his papers. His first deportation came during a trip to Puerto Rico.
Parveez returned to the United States in 2010. Upon arrival he attempted to get his marriage license with Faisal but once again, he faced deportation. Following this Parveez and Faisal left the United States to go to his old home in Lahore, Pakistan. Their time in Lahore was short lived though. The couple was shot at because of his father’s business deals with the United States.
The couple fled Pakistan and came back to the United States through Miami in 2010. Parveez was arrested yet again upon reentry into the country. It was during this year long detainment stint the FBI came in contact with Parveez and he became a federal informant who traveled from Mosque to Mosque.
Just days after the birth of his child Parveez thought all was well when asked to get his fingerprints taken at 26 Federal Plaza in New York City. What he believed was an opportunity to recieve working papers turned out to be a ploy to arrest Parveez. Now seven days after the birth of his child, Parveez is being held by immigration officials despite his work with the FBI. His wife told PIX11, “The President said if you grew up here you would be able to stay so why is he being sent back every time?” 
[Source: PIX11]