Nassau County to Fight Overgrown Weed Mess at Massapequa Lake

The 40-acre lake has been invaded by an aquatic plant putting its long-term health at risk. Find out what is being done about it and how you can help.

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Nassau County has obtained a five-year permit from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) to address weed pulling at Massapequa Lake. An aquatic plant known as water chestnut has taken over the lake, growing 5 to 6 feet deep and threatening the lake’s long-term health.

It is believed the fish population may be impacted with the water chestnut plants blocking sunlight and taking up oxygen.

The rapid growth of the aquatic plant at the lake may be fueled by homeowners dumping plants from their aquarium into the lake and waterways.

County officials state it will take several years to rid the invasive plant. In addition to pulling the plants from the lake, a study will be performed to understand the lake’s overall health, depths and hydrology. The study will provide recommendations on how to permanently rid the lake of the invasive plant.

Efforts to rid the lake of the invasive plant began on August 3rd. Additional cleanup continues and the public is welcome to volunteer.

To volunteer, you can register with the Nassau County Department of Public Works by emailing

[Source: County Executive Edward P. Mangano; CBS New York]