Half Hollow Hills High School East Broadway Actor to Perform in 9/11 Benefit


All Proceeds to Benefit the 9/11 Tribute Center

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White Plains, NY - August 4, 2014 - Premiering at the White Plains Performing Arts Center on September 5th and 7th 2014, to commemorate the anniversary of September 11th, Reality Theatre Productions™ presents, "IN SESSION with DR. MARK LERNER" featuring Firefighter Bobby Senn, Directed by Jeremy Quinn.
Reality Theatre Productions™ is an innovative theatrical genre, created and originated by Executive Producer Mark D. Lerner, where real people share real stories that inspire and enlighten audiences. While improvisation is spontaneous and presented without preparation, Reality Theatre Productions is a neoteric, unscripted, structured theatrical genre. 
"IN SESSION with DR. MARK LERNER," featuring Firefighter Bobby Senn, marks the inception of Reality Theatre Productions. It is an auspicious production in which Dr. Lerner presents as a psychologist* and speaker. Bobby Senn presents as a patient† and speaker who shares his story as a New York City Firefighter who survived the attacks on September 11th. This premier production features a special appearance by Broadway actor, David Gabriel Lerner (AEA).
While our nation is focused on mental illness, "IN SESSION with DR. MARK LERNER" fosters emotional wellness - an awareness, understanding and acceptance of one's feelings and an ability to manage through challenges and change. This timely production "infotains" audiences with remarkable stories of distinguished people who have lived through and overcome adversity.
*†‡  “IN SESSION with DR. MARK LERNER” is presented for informational and entertainment purposes (i.e., "infotainment"), and is not intended as psychological or medical advice. Dr. Lerner and Bobby Senn are not actors, but real people sharing real stories that inspire and enlighten audiences. “IN SESSION with DR. MARK LERNER” is not psychotherapy, counseling, treatment or the professional practice of psychology. For concerns regarding one's health and wellness, attendees are encouraged to consult with their healthcare providers.