West Babylon Street Named After Fallen New York City Police Officer


Midwood Road in West Babylon was renamed Peter Figoski Way. Figoski was killed in the line of duty in 2011 during a botched drug bust by Lamont Pride.

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Fallen New York City Police Oficer Peter Figoski was memorialized on his birthday. On Saturday, Figoski’s family, law enforcement, and NYPD commissioner Raymond Kelly, were on hand to see the renaming of the street he lived on. Now Midwood Road in West Babylon is Officer Peter Figoski Way.
Commissioner Kelly spoke at Figoski’s memorial. “It’s really gut wrenching,” Kelly said, “His four beautiful daughters are left to navigate the world on their own. I can tell you that for the New York City Police Department, we pride ourselves on never forgetting.”
The dedication comes almost two years after Officer Figoski was killed in the line of duty. At 2:15am on December 11, 2011, Figoski responded to a robbery gone wrong and was shot in the face in a basement apartment on Pine Street in Cypress Hills. Figoski died a few hours later in Jamaica hospital. He left behind four daughters that cold early morning.
The gunman behind Figoski’s death was 27-year-old career criminal Lamont Pride of Coney Island. He was sentenced to 45 years to life in prison. 25 years plus 20 for burglary and manslaughter and then another 25 to life for the final murder charge. The judge in the case, Justice Alan Marrus, said Pride deserved the maximum sentence and he’ll be spending his life confined to a prison cell.
In June of this year Nelson Morales, 29, and Keven Santos, 25, were convicted in connection with Figoski’s 2011 murder. Both were sentenced to 25 years to life for burglary and second-degree murder. Santos was found to be the mastermind behind the idea of a robbery that night. The only person involved in the incident found not-guilty was Pride’s getaway driver Michael Velez. He claimed he had no idea he was the driver in a robbery. He was found not-guilty of first and second degree burglary.
[Source: CBS]