FAR FROM THE TREE’s Andrew Solomon on Tom Needham’s The Sounds of Film


National Book Award Winner, Andrew Solomon, is Tom Needham’s exclusive guest this Thursday on WUSB’s ‘The Sounds of Film.’

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Sundance Selects’ Far From the Tree’s Andrew Solomon.

Photo by: The Sounds of Film

Stony Brook, NY - July 31, 2018 - Andrew Solomon, author of ‘Far From the Tree: Parents, Children, and the Search for Identity,’ is Tom Needham’s special guest on Thursday at 6 pm on the ‘Sounds of Film.’ He will be speaking about his film based on his book, ‘FAR FROM THE TREE.’
The film ‘FAR FROM THE TREE’ explores the difficulties and rewards of raising and being a child whose experience is vastly different from that of his or her parents. The movie features stories of families faced with challenges presented by dwarfism, autism, Down syndrome, and having a child in prison. Their stories demonstrate how a parent’s limitless love can trump anything. The film recently premiered at the DOC NYC Festival.
Andrew Solomon is a writer, lecturer, Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University Medical Center, and the President of PEN American Center. Solomon’s memoir, ‘The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression,’ won the 2002 National Book Award for Nonfiction and is included in the London ‘Times One Hundred Best Books of the Decade.’ His best-selling ‘Far From the Tree: Parents, Children and the Search for Identity’ received the National Book Critics Award for Nonfiction and was chosen as one of the ‘New York Times’ Ten Best Books of 2012. His writing has appeared in ‘Newsweek,’ ‘the New Yorker,’ the ‘New York Times,’ and the London ‘Times.’
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