Long Island Media in Commack Welcomes New Google Certified Search Engine Marketing Specialist to Head Department


Smith, a Certified Google Adwords Professional, brings years of experience to Long Island Media’s new Pay-Per-Click Marketing Department

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Jonathan Smith has joined Long Island Media's Pay-Per-Click Marketing team as Search Marketing Specialist.

Photo by: Chris Boyle

Commack, NY - July 28th, 2016 - Long Island Media, Inc., a digital marketing and media company on Long Island, is proud to announce that Jonathan Smith has joined their pay-per-click marketing team as Search Marketing Specialist, with the goal of growing and enhancing the exciting new Google-based advertising program.

Smith, a Patchogue resident, comes with years of experience in project management and marketing, having previously worked extensively in the pre-owned vehicle sales industry for automotive dealerships. Smith is also a Certified Google Adwords Professional having passed several exams Google Inc., makes available for certification in the field.

For Smith, coming to Long Island Media wasn't only a great professional and business opportunity for him, but a personal one as well. Having worked with Long Island Media Chief Executive Officer John Colascione previously during his time with Long Island Exchange, Smith said he anticipated collaborating with the business-savvy entrepreneur at some point again in the future.

“I was really looking forward to the opportunity of working with John again…I had worked with him when he was publisher of Long Island Exchange [another popular brand under the Long island Media umbrella] when there was an office in Copiague, on Montauk Highway” he said. “I knew that he had a great head for business, and I really like where he's taking Long Island Media. It's obviously growing rapidly, and they're adding successful new ideas and continually innovating. John was looking for the opportunity to start up this new department, and I was excited to get in on the ground floor.”

Smith was hired to head up Long Island Media’s new Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing department which focuses predominantly on Google-based ads, he said. For those unfamiliar with the PPC advertising model, Smith explained how it's really turning into the most reliable way of getting your business noticed on the Internet these days.

“On the top of the Google search results – whether you're looking for a plumber or anything else – you typically see the sponsored ads first, and that's what we're doing with our PPC department; placing those ads on behalf of clients” he said. “You want to be up there, because if you're not, noone's going to go all the way down the page, or worse, the second page, to click your link. Near eighty percent (80%) of people click on the first result Google brings them, and that percentage decreases for each result downward. The first three results in any given Google search will get the most clicks out of anything on the page, so you definitely need to be up there to be competitive in your space."

“In addition to search marketing, we also do what is called Google display marketing,” Smith continued. “We take image ads, such as banners and Google helps scatter-them around the web, syndicating them out to a bunch of web sites that are relevant to the industry of the business in question. So if someone has a car blog, they’ll see images related to say, a used car lot or something similar. So we also do that; display advertising, and we can do it nationally, or geographically”

At the moment, Smith remains a department of one, heading up all aspects of Long Island Media’s new PPC efforts. However, he noted that things are taking off quickly and doesn't envision working alone for long. The prospect of being at the center of LIM’s fast-paced growth is certainly something he finds rewarding.

“We're definitely going to have people serving under me, helping me manage accounts once we get to a certain level,” he said. “That opportunity, to help launch this department and help it grow is certainly enticing. I really jumped at the chance to get involved, to grow with the company while helping to grow this new department. Our goal is to keep acquiring more and more paid search accounts, and to convert existing advertisers over to Pay-Per-Click, as that's really where advertising is heading. Hopefully, soon I'll have too many accounts to handle myself and we'll hire more people. That's the goal.”

Chief Executive Officer John Colascione expressed his complete confidence in Smith, whom he hand-picked due to his familiarity with search engine marketing and his impressive skill sets. Colascione sees Smith as a valuable asset to jump-start his exciting new advertising initiative.

“Jonathan is an excellent PPC expert, and I think he's going to bring a lot to the company as far as having Long Island Media serve as an agency to run paid search campaigns...that's where the Internet is going right now,” he said. “I have some history with John, and he's transitioning perfectly to our growing team. I feel, once again, we're off to a really exciting start building an entirely new division of Long Island Media Inc.”

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