Owner of World’s Most Extreme Haunt Creating New Scare Experience in NY, Controversial Extreme Scare Experience Moving to LI

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  28. July 2015

Hauppauge, NY - July 27, 2015 - Owner of the world’s most extreme haunted attraction, Russ McKamey, is seeking a new place to operate his show and he’s got his eyes set on Long Island. After being banned from opening in the small town of McLeansboro Illinois- Russ has teamed up with local haunted  attraction Chamber of Horrors NY and the interactive horror experience D E A D of N I G H T to create an entirely new scare experience for thrill seekers this November. They’re calling it DYSTOPIA HORROR HOUSE and it combines elements of traditional haunted attractions with pop scares and cinematic like sets, interactive skits with story arcs, escape rooms, obstacle courses and extreme haunting-which means there is a lot of mental, physical hands on action but what stands out is that DYSTOPIA HORROR HOUSE is also a competition . You may only enter in groups of four to five people, you’re separated from those you came with and must work with a team of strangers to survive, at least that’s what DYSTOPIA’s creators want you to think though…Like all good horror films, there is a catch. Your key to winning is to eliminate your team mates and be the last man standing and how you’re supposed to do that is a mystery until the show’s opening.

There are talks about rolling this six night event into a TV series. Think The Running Man meets Cabin in the Woods meets Fear Factor and Survivor. That all mashed up to create DYSTOPIA HORROR HOUSE: NY’S MOST EXTREME SCARE ATTRACTION. 

Russ McKamey hasn’t heard any backlash yet from NY residents, though there is sure to be some, but the uniqueness of the event should keep people from causing uproar. In recent months, McKamey Manor has seen a split in supporters and as Russ likes to call them “haters”.  Social justice warriors have created campaigns to stop McKamey Manor from ever opening again, but there is still more and more support for this extreme haunt every day. 

Russ McKamey is set to make an announcement at Haunt Faire this weekend during the Extreme Haunting panel hosted by D E A D of N I G H T creator, Will Puntarich.  Haunt Faire is NY’s first pre Halloween celebration created to allow lovers of Halloween and all things spooky a chance to get their scare on early.  

Haunt-Faire will have a limited run, Saturday and Sunday, August 1st and 2nd.  The show is located inside the UPSKY Hotel, at 110 Vanderbilt Motor Pkwy, Hauppauge, NY 11788.

Additional information and on-line ticket sales can be found at www.Haunt-Faire.com For interviews, video, or additional information about Haunt Faire or DYSTOPIA: HORROR HOUSE, please contact Will Puntarich at Paradise Advertising INC and Public Relations (516) 666-7137 or Will@ParadiseAdsNY.com.

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