Legislator Anker Celebrates Tesla’s Birthday Expo

Written by Chris Boyle  |  20. July 2021

Suffolk County Legislator Sarah Anker attended the Tesla Birthday Expo recently at the Tesla Science Center at Wardenclyffe (TSCW) in Shoreham. 
The event featured a number of educational exhibits including many of the local STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts and math) exhibits, robotic clubs, Tesla coils, Tesla Car showcase, Amateur Radio, Battlebots, Maker Space trailer, local artisans and an interactive STEAM bus from New York Institute of Technology. The daytime event was coupled with a nighttime celebration featuring the ArcAttack night show.
“What an amazing day to celebrate one of this world’s most acclaimed scientist and inventor,” said Legislator Anker. “Thanks to the many TSCW volunteers, local and international community support, and the many partnerships with government, Nicola Tesla’s legacy will continue to inspire and encourage our future scientist.”
For more information about upcoming events or if you’re interested in volunteering at TSCW call 631-886-2632 or go to www.teslasciencecenter.org.

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