Long Island Roads Buckle After Several Days Straight of Scorching Heat

Written by Wendy L  |  19. July 2013

This past week’s heat wave has led to several Long Island roads buckling. Crew from the Department of Transportation has been out and about repairing damaged roads throughout the week.

Some of the trouble spots have included Route 231 in the Deer Park and Dix Hill area, the eastbound side of the Long Island Expressway around exit 67 and Sunrise Highway near exit 43 in Bay Shore.

The continuous high temperatures have caused concrete to lift up as much as 8 inches off the ground in some areas.

The high heat causes asphalt and concrete to expand and when there’s no more room, it has no place to go but up.

To repair the roads, crew has to break up the concrete and place a temporary patch to smooth out the road.

During the July 4th weekend when weather was also extremely hot, busy spots like Route 25 at the intersection with Route 347 in Lake Grove also buckled.

Fortunately, some relief is on the way for everyone as rain is expected to come into Long Island on Friday, with a greater chance of it on Saturday. Temperatures are also expected to come back down to the 80s and, in some cases, the 70s by Sunday.

[Source: NBC New York; FiOS1 News; National Weather Service.] 

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