Smithtown-Based Dr. Simon A. Zysman Releases Book on Groundbreaking Opioid Addiction Treatment Program

Successful Heroin and Opioid Addiction Treatment details Dr. Zysman’s experience with treating addiction with a high rate of success using his breakthrough treatment approach.

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Dr. Simon A. Zysman, author of "Successful Heroin and Opioid Addiction Treatment."

Photo by: Chris Boyle

Smithtown, NY - July 11, 2018 - Dr. Simon A. Zysman is a licensed clinical psychologist and a pioneer in the field of heroin and opioid addiction treatment. He is the founder of Employee Assistance Resource Services, Inc. (EARS), a medically supervised outpatient substance abuse treatment program Licensed by the New York State Office of Alcoholism and Substance abuse Services (OASAS) located in Smithtown, New York. The EARS Program has had one of the highest success rates in treating heroin and opioid addicts on an outpatient basis in New York State.
In his newly-published and released book, Successful Heroin and Opioid Addiction Treatment, Dr. Zysman lays bare his vast experience in recovery treatment as well as a deep look into his incredibly effective treatment program that has saved hundreds upon hundreds of lives, setting former addicts upon a positive road to recovery and a productive future. Opioid dependency is currently considered a lethal epidemic that has run rampant throughout New York State and the United States. The spread of opioid addiction is shockingly more due to medical doctors inadvertently overprescribing highly-addictive painkiller medication to their patients as opposed to illegal drug dealers. Dr. Zysman’s success in treating the vicious addiction that opioids produce goes against the grain when it comes to the techniques utilized by many recovery specialists. The EARS program utilizes a multidisciplinary treatment approach for patients suffering from mild to moderate withdrawals symptoms from opioids. Treatment services consist of Outpatient Services (with Ancillary withdrawal services), Ambulatory Detoxification, Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), Medication Assisted Treatment, Individual, group, and family therapy.  
Dr. Zysman stated that according to the U.S. Library of Medicine, “behavioral intervention alone without medication has extremely poor outcomes with more than 80% of patients returning to drug abuse.” 
Dr. Zysman and the EARS clinical team have turned around countless lives lost to the perils of painkiller addiction. According to NYS IPMES Reports (Integrated Program Monitoring and Evaluation Systems), the EARS program achieved an astonishing rate of retention of between 70 to 90 percent for the six-year period ranging from 2010 to 2015, one of the highest of all outpatient programs statewide.
Dr. Zysman’s reputation is such that he was invited to address the New York State Senate Task Force on Heroin and Opiate Addiction on his groundbreaking treatment methodology. He was requested by an anonymous NYS Official to write a book about the EARS approach to Successful Treatment of Heroin and Opioid addiction. Thus, a two-year effort began that has culminated in the publication of Successful Heroin and Opioid Addiction Treatment, an amazing look at the vitally important work of Dr. Zysman.
In an effort to make public his incredible findings and to save lives, Dr. Zysman is self-publishing Successful Heroin and Opioid Addiction Treatment. The book will be available for sale July 18, 2018 on his personal website and via, in addition to other distribution channels. The book chronicles Dr. Zysman’s experiences in the field of recovery throughout the years, as well as in-depth details concerning his breakthrough treatment method, written in language that both laypersons and medical professionals alike can comprehend.
“If you're an opioid addict and you want to live, you want to be treated by someone who's going to provide the right care for you and that's my method. For me to reach out and share this information with others, I thought the best way to do so would be with a book,” Dr. Zysman said. “I know that no matter what I say, there are going to be people with opposing views, but when it's in written form, and it follows a logical sequence of events, people are going to be able to better understand it, and as a result they are going to be more apt to utilize this methodology. As a result, it will save more lives, reduce the costs of healthcare, and crime. So overall it has a lot to offer.”

Dr. Simon A. Zysman, author of "Successful Heroin and Opioid Addiction Treatment." Photo Credit: Chris Boyle
The book not only features contributions from several specializing medical professionals but also an array of testimonials from former patients of Dr. Zysman’s; individuals who have suffered in the bowels of addiction and have been raised from the ashes and set once again upon a path to happiness and success.
Here’s one notable testimonial:
“The idea of going to in-patient rehab scared me. I called my former psychiatrist and he referred me to Dr. Zysman at EARS for addiction treatment, and they saved my life. I was against going on medication such as Suboxone because I heard from friends in NA that taking Suboxone is substituting one drug for another. I decided to follow the medical advice of the staff at EARS, and as a result my life has changed dramatically. My fiancé, family, friends and co-workers see a whole new person, the person I was before I became an addict. I wish other addicts would take advantage of Medication Assisted Treatment in conjunction with counseling at EARS, because it completely transformed my life.”
The EARS program also has a high rate of success with heroin and opioid addicted patients who suffer from co-occurring disorders. These are opiate addicts who have psychiatric problems and/or mild to moderate physical pain. The EARS staff set short and long-term goals for opiate addicted patients and encourage family involvement in the treatment process.
Successful Heroin and Opioid Addiction Treatment is an essential book that drives home the fact that people suffering under the yolk of opioid addiction have options for recovery that they simply didn’t have before; new, effective options that hold the hope of a fresh start on life and a bright and fulfilling future, thanks to the efforts and passion of Dr. Simon A. Zysman and his breakthrough treatment method against the scourge of opioid addiction.
“We understand the disease concept of heroin and opioid addiction and how to treat it. The idea of treating addiction with only behavioral intervention is outdated and're not doing justice to the patient by giving them the least workable option,” he said. “I was asked to write this book based on our high incidence of successful treatment outcomes. What made the EARS Program so dramatically different is because we treat our patients based upon their individual needs and our understanding of the disease concept of opioid addiction. It is our understanding that there is a cure for opiate addiction, but some opioid addicts have damaged some of the synapses in the brain and will require long term maintenance treatment. However, there are various treatment options available that allows the addict to live a relatively normal and more fulfilling productive life.”
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