Jail Inmates Help Spruce Up Aging Kent Animal Shelter

Suffolk County Corrections Department Program A Win-Win for Inmates and Homeless Pets

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Calverton, NY - July 11, 2014 - Volunteer inmates from the Suffolk County Corrections Department are donating their time, expertise and labor to improve the building and grounds of the Kent Animal Shelter.
"Our facility is old and outdated, and we desperately need a new facility. In the meantime, these Suffolk County Corrections Department program volunteers along with our own volunteers are improving the building and grounds so we can keep doing what we do every day until we can build the new facility," said Pamela Green, Executive Director of Kent Animal Shelter. “I learned of this program from Sergeant Campo, a great animal lover, who offered to plan and bring to fruition many projects that would have not otherwise been possible. These guys are a godsend."
The Corrections Department program under Sheriff Vincent DeMarco gives inmates the opportunity to perform good works while also providing skilled labor that might otherwise be out of reach for community organizations. Under his tenure since 2006, Mr. DeMarco said he’s expanded the program because he believes it’s a win-win.
Sergeant Jeff Campo and Phil Cantora of the Suffolk County Corrections Department have supervised and lead inmates on shelter renovation work including tree removal, fencing, roof repair and cleaning, painting and staining, and more.
Pictured: Suffolk County Corrections Department officers Sergeant Jeff Campo and Phil Cantora and volunteers with Pamela Green of Kent Animal Shelter.
Kent Animal Shelter is a 501(C)3 not-for-profit organization that was established in 1968 as a no-kill haven for abandoned, neglected or abused animals. More information about Kent Animal Shelter is available at kentanimalshelter.com.