NYS DEC Asking Anyone Sighting Dangerous, Invasive Hogweed Plant to Report It

Written by Wendy L  |  07. July 2016

Plants are in full bloom with the warm weather, but the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation is asking the public to be on the look out for a very large, invasive plant whose sap can cause painful burns, permanent scarring and even blindness. Giant hogweed plants are what you need to look out for.

The giant hogweed plants not only pose a danger to people, but also reduce plant diversity and can cause soil erosion, according to the DEC.

The problem with these invasive plants were previously reported in 2014 with efforts to eradicate them in New York. The effort continues today.

The DEC is asking the public to help with ridding these plants and have established a dedicated email and hotline to report any sightings. If you've seen these plants, the DEC is asking for photos, detailed directions of the plant infestation and the estimate number of the plants be reported via email or by calling 845-256-3111.

For more information, visit the DEC:

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