County Legislature Recognizes Outstanding Employees with Excellence Award

Gregory presented the Legislature’s Employee Excellence Award to Kevin Markham of Huntington and Jacqueline M. Brown or Ridge.

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Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory, second from right, and Legislators Sarah Anker, third from right and William Spencer, third from left, congratulate Jacqueline M. Brown and Kevin Markham on being named Outstanding Employees at the Suffolk County Legislature’s June 20 meeting in Riverhead.

Photo by: Suffolk County Legislature

Suffolk County, NY - July 3, 2017 - Suffolk County Presiding Officer DuWayne Gregory and Legislator William Spencer presented the Legislature’s Employee Excellence Award to Kevin Markham of Huntington and Jacqueline M. Brown of Ridge, employees within the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office at the June 20, meeting held in Riverhead.
Kevin, an Auto Mechanic IV and Fleet Manager, and Jacqueline, an Administrator 1, were nominated for the honor by Sheriff Vincent DeMarco and Chief Deputy Sheriff Sharkey for their outstanding efforts on behalf of Suffolk County and its residents. 
Kevin has been managing the fleet for six years, ensuring the inventory of 450 vehicles, including 270 patrol vehicles, ATV’s, trucks and military surplus equipment, is kept in service. He oversees a staff of four civilian mechanics that are supplemented by inmate labor while working cooperatively with corrections staff. 
Kevin has years of private sector experience which has been instrumental in his implementing a computerized system that tracks vehicle maintenance, inventory control and future service dates. He has assisted in the layout and design of the new Ford Interceptors, facing numerous challenges that come with an increased amount of equipment and technology being installed each year.
In addition to everyday maintenance, Kevin is responsible for ensuring equipment and vehicles procured for emergency use, are always available. “He carries out his responsibilities with a positive attitude and impeccable work ethic and contributes to the successful completion of the Sheriff’s Office mission,” said Sheriff DeMarco. 
“Kevin’s dedication and engagement for the valuable role he plays in the county is admirable. It’s my pleasure to join Presiding Officer Gregory in recognizing Kevin’s daily contribution to the operations of the Sheriff’s Office and present to him and Employee Excellence Award,” said Suffolk County Legislator William R. Spencer, M.D.
Jacqueline began her career with Suffolk County in 1994 as an Account Clerk with the Department of Public Works and has earned several promotions to Senior Account Clerk, Principal Account Clerk, and Head Clerk toward becoming an Administrator 1 in 2010. 
Her normal duties require her to provide assistance to the Sheriff, Under Sheriffs, Chiefs, Warden and Accounting and Personnel Bureaus. “She is conscientious, honest, hard-working and dedicated to fulfilling her job responsibilities,” said Sheriff DeMarco in his nomination. “She is consistently dependable and punctual in reporting to work, helpful and cooperative. Her positive attitude towards superiors and co-workers contributes to the success of the Sheriff’s Office.”
Jacqueline goes above and beyond the requirements of her job, taking initiative on additional responsibilities and tasks. She utilized her accounting experience by managing approximately $3 million in yearly funding and assets in the Sheriff’s Office Grants Bureau. She handles the Grans Bureau’s financial accounting and reporting including processing all grant orders and entries of payment vouchers. She also provides assistance to the Sheriff’s Accounting Bureau by auditing their expense and payment vouchers to verify accuracy. 
She performs the additional work while still completing her regular assignments on time and with the highest quality possible. Her dedication and high work ethic makes her a true asset to the Suffolk County Sheriff’s Office and deserving of this recognition award.
“It was my honor to acknowledge Jacqueline, who is a resident of the Sixth Legislative District, for her exemplary performance, hard work, and continuous dedication to the Sheriff’s department,” said Legislator Sarah Anker. “She has been an employee of Suffolk County for 23 years and is well-known for going above and beyond while taking the initiative to move important projects forward. Jacqueline is a true asset to Suffolk County and is more than deserving of this prestigious award.”