National Weather Service Issues Flood Advisory for Long Island

Written by Cait Russell  |  01. July 2013

With thundershowers expected throughout the day, the National Weather Service has issued a Flood Advisory for Long Island, effective through 2:30PM this afternoon for both the North and South Shores.

For the South Shore, NWS has also issued a Hazardous Weather Outlook, as well as a Rip Current Statement, advising locals to stay mindful of posted notices at the beach, and only swim in areas where there is a lifeguard on duty. Rip Currents occur when powerful waves and channels of water pull back away from the shore, and can potentially pull swimmers and surfers underneath the waves, causing a life-threatening situation. If you get caught in a Rip Current, the National Weather Service advises the following: do not panic, and swim parallel to the shore until you've broken free of the rip current. Once you have broken free, you should try and swim to shore. Do not attempt to swim against a rip current - this is dangerous, as it will exhaust even highly experienced, strong swimmers.

As of now, it is predicted that the rain and thunderstorms will end by Wednesday evening, and that Independence Day will be a warm, clear day.

For the most up to date weather information, head over to the LongIsland.com Weather Center, where you can get the latest forecasts, weather advisories, and more.

[Source: National Weather Service]

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