How To Throw a Perfect Long Island Backyard Celebration this Summer

Written by Maria Pietromonaco  |  25. June 2018

Long Island, NY, June 25, 2018 - For many people, these next three months of summer often call for celebrations of all varieties - graduations, July 4th barbecues, and endless other occasions. For those who choose to throw a shindig in your backyard this summer, there’s a lot to consider. Whether it’s 20 guests or a crowd of 100+, you’ll want to make it special.
Here are some ideas for a fun, festive, and memorable affair.
Create A Theme - Creating a theme makes it easy to tie in a menu, cocktail selections, and decorations. It gives your party that extra flair and level of interest. Here are a few favorites that are always a hit:
  • Ho–Down – have your guests wear their Western best and serve up some smokin’ eats like pulled pork, cole slaw, and corn bread. Go the extra mile with haystacks for seating and a mechanical bull!
  • Beach Party/Clam Bake – A navy blue and white color scheme will give it an authentic nautical feel. You can fill an inflatable raft with ice and load it with beverages or even shellfish. Add some Jimmy Buffett tunes, and volleyball net and you've got yourself a great time!
  • Mexican Fiesta – Vibrant colors, Margaritas and guacamole will kick off the evening. Add a piñata and mariachi music and you’ve got yourself a party!
  • Tropical Oasis – Make your guests feel they’ve been transported miles away.  Set the stage with dimly lit lanterns and a lit fire, steel drum music, and dishes with a Caribbean flair.
  • Simple Elegance – linens, candles, jazz, and flowers. Almost enough said. The menu should be delicate and light; and the bar serving up prosecco, wine, and traditional martinis in your best stemware.
And once you've selected a theme:
  • Set up a Tent  –  There a many reasons to set up a tent. It offers protection from weather and the elements, whether it’s the heat of a scorching afternoon sun or rain washing away your fun. But tents also establish a focal point and center of gravity for your guests, giving them a designated place to gather. Lastly, tents are a design component that add ambience and interest to the surroundings, and can be embellished with décor of your choice.
  • Get Help - Hiring a bartender or even a server to help serve your guests and clean up when all is done will allow you to enjoy your own event. Consider catering the party, which will alleviate the shopping and cooking.
  • Let You Entertain Them - Keep the guests busy and happy by having some games set up in the yard or some other form of entertainment like a photo booth, performers, or activity.
  • Keep the Critters Away – Once the sun sets the bugs are ready to hit the town. Guests will become annoyed if they are slapping their ankles and scratching their heads all evening. Citronella torches around the property offer some relief, and it’s a good idea to keep several bottles bug spray around. To eradicate mosquitoes completely for the night, you can have your yard sprayed by a professional. This will insure your party is critter-free.
  • Let the Music Play – With today’s Bluetooth speakers or Sonos paired with all kinds of streaming resources and playlists, there’s no excuse for a hushed party. Music is an essential at any function, and make sure the tunes fit the bill. Think about the demographics of your guestlist and choose appropriate sons. A DJ is a good idea if you don't want the hassle - and they will liven things up as well.
  • Stockpile the Supplies – there’s nothing like sweating it out and thinking your beer source is drying out. Keep extras on hand that are in bottles or cans – those never go bad. And your freezer should be a safety zone of frozen burgers or hot dogs. Easily thrown on the grill in a pinch.
The most important thing is that you relax and enjoy your own party. The host sets the tone for the evening, and if you’re visibly stressed your guests will sense it. So prepare in advance, and celebrate with your friends and family!

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