Children’s Masks Hot Item at Long Island Retailer

Tandywear boutique in Commack re-opened its doors in June.

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Photo: Shutterstock.

Widespread use of masks might be instrumental in preventing a second wave of coronavirus. A study recently reported on by Reuters showed that lockdowns alone aren’t enough and mask-wearing will be a major factor in controlling the spread of the pandemic.


This has created a cottage industry in protective coverings from homemade versions to fashion-forward face masks.


Tandywear, a women’s fashion boutique in Commack, adapted to the demand early on, offering curbside pickup and online ordering of typical facemask style to hybrid tops with built in face coverings.



As New York State slowly reopens, Tandywear owner, Tandy Jeckel is finding that adult masks are flying off the shelves but childrens sized masks are also a hit.


“People are desperate for the children’s masks,” she said.


Parents are buying the fashionable masks so kids can enjoy the outdoors with other children safely, especially at summer camp.


NBC News did an entire story on the subject recently.


Since she opened Jeckel’s clientele have been clamoring to get back to getting up close and personal with the merchandise, even if they’re social distancing from actual humans.



“They’re saying ‘I’m done with online right now,’” she said. “They want to touch and feel and try on clothes.”


The excitement is palpable.


“They’re screaming like little kids.”


At her shop, Jeckel is still doing curbside pickup for online orders but she also has a tent set up outside the store so people can shop safely.


Masks for children and adults are still a vital accessory.


“People would shun you if you don’t wear them,” Jeckel said.


And they are coming from all over for them.


“It’s amazing,” she said. “People from everywhere are coming for the masks from Queens and Sag Harbor.”