LI-Based Plitz Corporation Rolling Out Unique “Everyone Wins” Initiative to Help Feed the Hungry

Written by Chris Boyle  |  22. June 2020

Plitz Corporation, a marketing company based out of East Northport, NY, is proud to announce their cooperation in a unique new initiative created by Canadian marketing company RTG Group to help feed the hungry in North America that rewards those who contribute to the program just as much as it does the downtrodden.
The new charitable initiative, which you can learn more about by visiting https://iliketohelp.org, incorporates an innovative “everyone wins” philosophy to help both the less fortunate in our society, as well as those who contribute to the cause.
When it comes to helping address the country’s hunger problem, Plitz Corporation’s approach is simple yet direct. Instead of asking for cash donations that will likely go to business expenses such as overhead, marketing, staff and more, Plitz Corporation instead asks contributors to just directly buy the food themselves. From there, RTG asks a manufacturer to deliver the donated food to the charity in question.
That charity then delivers that food directly to the people in need, and will then turn around and give the donor a charitable tax receipt for the full amount that they purchased the food for.
In addition, this initiative is also working outside of the box to get in contact with potential contributors. Normally, reaching out to each individual takes a lot of money and time. Instead, Plitz Corporation is partnering with many other organizations – online influencers, academic institutions, corporations, and more – and these groups will reach out to people they know and invite them.
That goes a long way to helping spread the word about this charitable initiative, but there’s still more that sets it apart in this regard, and it goes back to the mantra of “everyone who contributes will get more than they put into it.” This boon comes in the form of an exclusive members-only discount app.
This app gives members access to thousands of dollars of discounts on things that they buy all of the time, including clothing, food, entertainment, travel, cars, mortgages, and more. The average, middle-income individual can save $3,000 or more annually by regularly using the discount app, so you can actually save money when you’re saving someone else.
Plitz Corporation attracts partner organizations to participate in the discount app by creating initiatives that help their partners benefit via donations, contributions, and creative programs that matter to them.
In the end, it’s simple- you contribute food that is delivered directly to people in need, you get both a charitable tax receipt and access to a member discount that saves you tons of money, and the organization that invited you to participate benefits as well, according to Plitz Corporation founder and president Norman C. Pleitez.
“We are working with RTG Group on this program because we want to be part of changing the world and to help feed children and those in need,” he said. “There’s no better way to do that then to give something back to those who have contributed as well. We’re serving as the middle-men in that regard, and this is a new way of giving and that’s why we’re involved. The real winners will be those in need that will be fed, but all will be benefited by this program.”
To find out more, please visit https://iliketohelp.org.

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