Nassau Legislature Honors Security Guards, Teachers who Kept Children Safe After Drunk Driver Crash

"Student's lives were saved because of the heroic actions of these dedicated school employees," Said Legislator Bill Gaylor.

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Photo by: Nassau County Legislature

Members of the Nassau County Legislature today presented citations to the security guards, aides, and teachers who ushered 60 to 80 students out of harm’s way, after a drunk driver crashed through a gate and onto a field at Rhame Avenue Elementary School earlier this month.  
Legislators Howard Kopel (R, Lawrence) and Bill Gaylor (R, Lynbrook) joined with over a dozen school employees who sprang into action on that day. Approximately 80 children were on the field when the drunk driver drove through the fence and began to drive around. Aides, teachers, and security staff Immediately rushed to coral the children and remove them from harm's way. 
"When we saw the car headed for the fence, we knew we had to act fast. If we had been just a few seconds later, I don't know what would have happened. I am glad we were able to keep the students safe," Said Rahme Avenue School Aide Bridget Saporito. "Thank you to the Legislature for honoring us. We will never forget what took place that day, and hope nothing like that ever happens again."
"What these school employees did on that day went well above and beyond the call of duty. They are heroes, and great examples for the students they work with," Said Nassau County Legislature Deputy Presiding Office Howard Kopel " When these school employees woke up that morning, they had no idea what that day would bring. This was a situation that could have taken a tragic turn if not for the quick thinking and actions of these brave individuals. They are well deserving of this honor, and have the sincere gratitude of the legislature."
"Student's lives were saved because of the heroic actions of these dedicated school employees. Plain and simple," Said Legislator Bill Gaylor "On behalf of the Nassau County Legislature we wanted to make sure we thanked these brave individuals and showed our appreciation for keeping our students safe."