William Floyd High School Research Students Earn Top Honors

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  14. June 2018

Mastic Beach, NY - June 14, 2018 - William Floyd High School science research students, under the tutelage of science research teacher Victoria Hernandez, continue to earn accolades at various research competitions including the Long Island Science Congress and the New York State Science and Engineering Fair (NYSSEF) Andromeda Competition held this spring.
Earning top honors at the Long Island Science Congress are Asma Asghar and Farihah Chowdhury who took home “High Honors” and the “Distinguished Categorical Monetary Award for Ecology.” Asma and Farihah analyzed the pathogens present within lone star ticks. They concluded from their data that the environment influences the microbes within these ticks and that pathogen ancestral lineage appears to be associated with symptoms exhibited in humans. 
Earning “Honors” at the Long Island Science Congress are Dominick Caputo, Jason Rattansingh, Elizabeth Scianno, Philip Oriuwa and Angela Ochoa; and earning “Meritorious” were John Hangley, Michael Borrayo, Nathalia Reis, Erin Tumbrello, Christian Meehan and Kyle LaSpisa.
At the NYSSEF Andromeda Competition, Nathalia Reis and Erin Tumbrello earned second-place honors for their project analyzing the biodiversity of biological vectors throughout wooded and coastal regions. They discovered that there were more vectors in wooded regions which they attributed to increased habitat complexity.  They also found a potentially novel genetic sequence of a vector. In that same competition, Dominick Caputo and Jason Rattansingh took home “Honorable Mention” awards.

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