Phase II “Century of Giving” Nominees Announced

Centennial Celebration of Davidow, Davidow, Siegel and Stern Continues With Phase II Nominations of LI Charities.

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Islandia, NY – June 14, 2013 - The Law Firm of Davidow, Davidow, Siegel and Stern (DDSS) announced the Phase II nominees for “Century of Giving”, a philanthropic endeavor created to recognize and reward Long Island charities for the good works performed for local seniors and individuals with special needs.  

Managing Partner Lawrence Davidow stated, “It is our privilege to recognize the wonderful contributions of the following three non-profits, and to single them out as eligible nominees within the Century of Giving program: The Arthritis Foundation of Long Island; The American Parkinson Disease Association’s Long Island Information & Resource Center; and the Alzheimer’s Disease Resource Center of New York.”

Mr. Davidow added, “These local non-profit organizations have made a difference in the lives of so many seniors and their families on Long Island. While we can only select a single final recipient for the $5,000 award within the category of ‘helping seniors with specific health conditions’, we deeply appreciate the good works performed by all our nominees and we applaud their dedication to seniors.”

The Century of Giving promotion celebrates the law firm’s centennial anniversary by recognizing worthy charities, and permits the public to vote for the charity which most deserves the $5,000 award donated by DDSS (vote at The organizations have been selected with the expertise and guidance of the Long Island Community Foundation (LICF), and the pool of nominees serves the same populations as DDSS: seniors and those with special needs.

The promotion has been funded by DDSS, with LICF managing the fund and providing a comprehensive review of each nominee. “This is a wonderful philanthropic endeavor created by the 100 year-old law firm, and we were pleased to be the stewards of this initiative,” stated David M. Okorn, Executive Director of LICF.

The promotion has three phases: phase I, conducted in April and May, recognized select non-profits that have provided a range of human services for seniors; the current phase - phase II – nominates organizations that combat specific health conditions among senior populations; and phase III nominates those organizations that have helped special needs populations.

Mr. Davidow concluded, “There is no more appropriate celebration for our hundred-year anniversary than one which recognizes organizations that share in our mission of helping seniors or individuals with special needs here on Long Island.”

About The Law Firm of Davidow, Davidow, Siegel and Stern
Founded in 1913 in Patchogue as the original Davidow law firm, today’s Davidow, Davidow, Siegel and Stern (DDSS) serves the needs of clients well beyond the borders of its relocated hometown of Islandia. Managing Partner Lawrence Davidow, the third generation of Davidow’s lawyers, has redirected the firm into one of the first and most successful Elder Law, Special Needs, Estate and Business Planning practices on Long Island. He is responsible for putting Elder Law on the map in Suffolk County by educating the public and professionals to the ever changing legal needs of our aging population. Thousands of seniors and their families have benefitted from the law services of DDSS.

About the Long Island Community Foundation
The Long Island Community Foundation (LICF) is the Island’s community foundation, making grants to improve the region and helping donors with their philanthropy since 1978. They identify current and future community needs, strengthen the Island’s nonprofit sector, encourage philanthropy, and, with generous donors, build a permanent endowment to address these needs. LICF has made more than $130 million in grants from hundreds of funds established by individuals, families, and businesses. LICF is a division of The New York Community Trust, one of the country’s oldest and largest community foundations. For more information, visit LICF.

About Our Nominees

Arthritis Foundation, Northeast Region, Long Island Chapter
Arthritis is the nation’s leading cause of disability.  Nationally, arthritis robs one in every five adults and 300,000 children of living life to its fullest.  Here on Long Island, that translates to approximately 500,000 adults and 3,000 children. The LI Chapter of the Arthritis Foundation leads the way in helping people with arthritis live better today and create better tomorrows through new treatments, better access and ultimately, cures.  We do this by funding life-changing research that has restored

mobility in patients for more than six decades; fighting for health care policies that improve the lives of the millions of Americans with arthritis; and partnering with families to provide empowering programs and information. 

As the nation’s largest private funder of research, public health programs and advocacy on behalf of the 50 million Americans with this painful and unacceptable disease, the Arthritis Foundation aims to reduce the number of people suffering from arthritis-related physical activity limitations by 20 percent by 2030. 

American Parkinson Disease Association, LI Information & Resource Center
The American Parkinson Disease Association (APDA) was founded in 1961 to “Ease the Burden and Find the Cure” for Parkinson’s Disease.  It is a not-for-profit voluntary health agency committed to serving the Parkinson community through a comprehensive program of research, patient education and support.  The local APDA’s goal of promoting a better quality of life for the Parkinson’s community is actualized through its network of Information & Referral Centers, which respond to the needs of people affected by Parkinson’s Disease.

  • Up-to-date information on medical and surgical treatments for Parkinson's disease
  • Educational booklets on numerous aspects of Parkinson's disease and its management
  • Physician referrals
  • Referrals to support groups for patients and caregivers
  • Referrals and information related to clinical trials 
  • Referrals and information related to community resources.

The APDA information and referral centers in Nassau & Suffolk Counties are designed to assist Long Islanders who are affected by Parkinson’s Disease.  The goal is to help them to maintain a fulfilling quality of life. 

Alzheimer's Disease Resource Center – Greater Metropolitan Area, NY
The continued mission of the ADRC Inc.  is to support research that may lead to a cure for Alzheimer's Disease, to provide care, support and education programs for families in need, and to be advocates for local families who are coping with Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementias.

ADRC offers a multitude of services to Long Islanders and New Yorkers, including:           

• care consultation, which provides assistance for families, helping caregivers create a long term care plan; provision of answers, for the care of, medical treatment of and strategies for living with a loved one with dementia or Alzheimer's disease

• support through suggestion of legal strategies, including evaluation of Medicare and Medicaid benefits

• educational programs for informal and formal caregivers to help ensure consistent quality care

• resources for clinical trials of interest

• referrals for assistance in care of a loved one with Alzheimer's or dementia

• support groups for social and educational assistance