Suffolk County SPCA Sponsors Dangerous Reptile Training Course in Suffolk County

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  12. June 2015

Bayport, NY - June 12, 2015 - On June 13, 2015 the Suffolk County SPCA will sponsor a hands on seminar for Law Enforcement personnel, Emergency Response Personnel at the Bayport Fire Department, 251 Snedecor Avenue Bayport, NY 11705. The seminar will be presented by Michael Ralbovsky, a Herpetologist from Massachusetts, who responds to Law Enforcement Agencies throughout the Northeast. The full day seminar will train officers to deal with the identification and safe handling practices of venomous snakes such as rattlesnakes, vipers, cobras, crocodiles, alligators, pythons and other potentially dangerous reptiles.

Participants get to view and interact with approximately 40 species of live animals, including a diamondback rattlesnake, Gabon Viper, puff adder, monocle cobra, monitor lizards, alligators, a 14 foot python, and some potentially dangerous small exotic invertebrates (spiders and scorpions) under the supervision of Michael and his staff.

Through hands-on training, participants will learn to identify these potential threats and will be able to deal with them with minimal risk to themselves or the animal. The goal is to keep officers and civilians safe while when these animals are encountered in the field. Because of the increasing popularity of exotic pets, these animals may be encountered not only during animal confiscation but also during emergency or Law Enforcement situations.

Suffolk County Police Emergency Services Unit (ESU), New York State DEC Police, U. S. Fish & Wildlife and Suffolk County SPCA officers will all be in attendance at this critical seminar.

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