In Personal Call, Schumer Secures Commitment from top Cobham Executive to Keep Aeroflex’s 288 Jobs on Long Island

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  12. June 2014

Plainview, NY - June 12, 2014 - U.S. Senator Charles E. Schumer today announced that he has secured a commitment from the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions of Cobham, Robert Mullins, to keep Aeroflex’s 288 jobs on Long Island. It has recently been reported that Cobham, a British aerospace company, will be acquiring Aeroflex for $1.46 billion, and there have been concerns related to the future of the company’s jobs in Plainview. On a personal call today, Schumer urged Cobham to keep Aeroflex’s jobs on Long Island, arguing that the workers were a critical asset to both the firm and the local economy. Mr. Mullins told Senator Schumer that Cobham has no plans to displace the Long Island workers and that they aim to grow the firm overall, something which could benefit the workforce on Long Island. Schumer also urged the executive to grow the company, given Aeroflex’s top-rate product and high quality workforce.
“Aeroflex is a successful company employing hundreds of hard-working Long Islanders, and I made it loud and clear to Cobham executives that those jobs should stay right where they are. We had a positive conversation about the top-notch product and incredible workforce that Aeroflex and the Long Island region have to offer, and I am pleased that Cobham executives agree and do not plan to move jobs from Long Island. I will keep watching this company like a hawk to ensure that they keep their word as the acquisition moves forward, but am greatly heartened by this commitment from the company’s top Mergers and Acquisitions executive,” said Schumer.
Aeroflex is a technology company that designs and manufactures microelectronic and test and measurement products. The company was founded in 1937 and has over 2,600 employees, including 288 on Long Island. Their headquarters is located in Plainview.
In May, it was announced that Aeroflex would be acquired by Cobham. Cobham has over 11,000 employees worldwide, approximately half of which are in the United States. Cobham has a facility with approximately 280 employees in Orchard Park, New York and last year, the company added an additional 60 jobs at the location.
Schumer today made a personal call to Cobham’s Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Mergers and Acquisitions and urged him to commit to keeping the jobs on Long Island. Schumer argued that Aeroflex’s near 70 year history on Long Island made it a critical asset to the local economy and urged Cobham’s Executive Vice President to invest in the facility, rather than to reduce employment or operations. On the call, Schumer secured a commitment that Cobham will not move Aeroflex’s 288 jobs off of Long Island and that Cobham will look for ways to invest in the facility over time.

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