Single? Check Out These 5 Destinations Perfect For a Party of One Getaway

Check out our top 5 picks of places we recommend for the single superstar ready to explore

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We’ve all been there - summer rolls around and you find yourself without a plus-one to take on your vacation. Whether you're fresh off a breakup or simply single and ready to mingle, do yourself a favor and book one of these destinations, you wont regret it. 


Sydney Australia 

In the land down under you’ll find the real party. To start, Sydney is home to some of the most sun soaked beaches, crystal clear waters, and spectacular surfing. Who needs a partner when you have 5 million Aussies to keep you comfy. With a median age of 36, you better believe the people in Sydney know how to have fun. The nightlife here is effervescent, to say the least. Plus, the adventures never stop. Take a hang gliding tour or go on a snorkeling adventure with one of the many friendly people you just met on Bondi Beach. There's no time to be lonely, you'll be too busy having fun.


Ibizia, Spain 

Attracting over 6 million travelers each year, this small island off the coast of Spain has quite the reputation for nightlife lovers. It’s home to 6 “super clubs,” one of which is the largest club in the world, Privilege Ibiza. This club can hold up to 11,000 revelers and features its own swimming pool. And after a long night of partying, relax on one of the 57 white sand beaches the island has to offer.


Berlin, Germany 

Berlin has long been a hotspot for solo travelers and adventurers. This city is full of rich culture, plenty of historical sites, and beer gardens ready for discovery. As Germany’s greenest city, there are endless opportunities for bike ride tours throughout the city or cruises down the 180 km of canals. When the sun goes down, clubs open up and you can keep the adventure going all night long.


Tel Aviv, Israel 

This city has practically everything a traveler could want. Beautiful beaches, beautiful people, lively entertainment venues on every corner, cultural life and countless art galleries and museums. The nightlife features some of the most prominent DJs in endless clubs and quiet bars for those looking to kick back with a cocktail or two. During the day, soak up some rays with hundreds of others. What more could you ask for from a singles destination spot?


Miami, Florida 

Bienvenido a Miami! This spot may be the most obvious destination on our list, but it’s for good reason. Miami is one hot place to be if you're single. Beautiful people, amazing nightlife, scrumptious food, and miles of beach await you in Miami. Whether you take a weekend or a longer trip to Miami, the culture is vibrant all year long!