Nassau County Executive Calls For Total Reopening of Beaches This Summer

Written by Ls Cohen  |  29. April 2021

Nassau County Executive Laura Curran is urging New York State to allow beaches on Long Island to reopen this Memorial Day at 100% capacity. Citing the low risk of transmission of Covid outside, Curran said it is something that will help bring normalcy back to the area and help local businesses.


“The risk for outdoor transmission is lower and if you add sunlight and open breeze it’s basically non existent,” Curran said at a recent press conference. “What we are doing is asking the state to allow our beaches to open at 100% capacity this summer. We are beach people. We are islanders. It’s in our name.”


Watch the full press conference below:


Video: Nassau County YouTube page.


Currently, beaches are still restricted to 50% capacity. Beaches filled with people help to fuel the local economy, according to Curran. She said that it makes sense to reopen the beaches this summer.


“The science says it. Common sense says it. Even the CDC is basically saying it,” she added.

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