Governor Cuomo's Daily COVID-19 Briefing

Here is the summary from Governor Cuomo's daily COVID-19 briefing today.

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Notes from Governor Cuomo's COVID-19 Briefing
There were 17,303 total deaths in NYS as of yesterday.
 New Cases are now below 1,000/day
 335 total deaths yesterday
COVID-19 has exposed flaws in our systems
 Remote learning sounds good, but needs improvement.
 There was not enough international coordination and response.
 The media did not sufficiently warn people.
 Public transportation needs to be safe and clean.
NY Forward Reopening Advisory Board
 A board of officials, civic leaders, and experts to help plan.
 On Schools: A plan to open or stay closed will be out by the end of the
 Gov warned about two signs of danger:
o If hospitals hit 70% capacity.
o If the rate of transmission reaches "outbreak"
 1.1 infected people per each person.
 Gov reiterated his plan for reopening:
o Follow CDC guidelines: number of hospitalizations must be down for
14 days.
o Phase I: Construction/Manufacturing jobs reopen.
o Phase II: Identify businesses that can reopen with low risk.
o Businesses should plan to take the proper precautions
o Follow a testing regimen: 30 tests per 1,000 people/month
o Trace infected people and their interactions.
 Mayor Bloomberg has offered to help with tracing
 Must have 30 tracers per 100k people
o Must have isolation facilities where people can quarantine without going home.
o Regions must present plans to have rooms available.
More On Reopening NYS
 Reimagine tele-medicine and tele-education.
 We need a centralized "control room" that will monitor the numbers related to COVID-19.
 Central NY in the summer is an “attractive nuisance”.
o The State Fair cannot open.
 We need to cooperate regionally and reduce density.
 Plans will have to be short-term, because we can't tell what will happen in the long-term.
Testing & Tracing
 There will be built-in monitoring mechanisms to send alerts when hospital capacity gets too high or the rate of transmission is too high.
 The flu season will raise concerns over testing capacity and hospital capacity.
 We need these mechanisms to spot issues as soon as possible.
 The state and localities will have to hire certain amounts of people for each region to trace.
 The number of positive tests upstate is more similar to other states than it is to downstate.
 We must prioritize testing symptomatic individuals.
 Testing must be accessible; we need enough testing sites.
 Regions must fully advertise these locations.
Health Care Facilities
 The state mandated that hospitals increase their capacity by 50%.
 Some parts of the state still have capacity issues.
 Elective Surgery: DOH will issue guidance (regionally) by the end of the day.
o Regions will be notified where they are regarding capacity.
Nursing Homes
 Nursing homes must notify families about the status of their relatives.
 Nursing homes are ground zero for the virus.
 Predominantly, senior citizens have died from the virus.
Department of Labor
 People still aren't getting payments.
 Gov says this problem is not specific to NY.
 DeRosa: we will extend the order to prevent evictions if necessary.
 There was one mailing stuck together, which has caused one mailing series to be messed up.
 $3.1 billion has been issued but the backlog continues to build.
 400,000 claims are still open.
 There are now 3,000 people to answer phones and maintain the website.