Local Chambers of Commerce Key to Small Business Growth In New York Region and Nationally

Written by Phil Andrews  |  21. April 2017

New York, NY - April 21, 2017 - Chambers of Commerce are vital to stimulating local business corridors throughout New York State, and one such chamber of commerce that is making a substantial difference in the business affairs of New York State is the Long Island African American chamber of Commerce. The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. (LIAACC) was founded in 2010 by John L. Scott its Chairman. The chamber is currently lead by its President, Phil Andrews who has served in this position since September 2013.

Local Chambers of Commerce have an extraordinary ability to strengthen both the social and economic fibers of a particular community in its designated service territory. It is a giving fact that business owners who come together in an organized manner will develop trust equity over a span of time and begin to know, like and trust each other leading to a substantial impact on the bottom line of their businesses.

Business leaders can also begin to benefit from the marketing force that the chambers add to their marketing arsenal. The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce has appeared on WABC Here and Now, NBC Positively BlackPush Pause FiOs1, and MYLITV just to name a few. As chambers raise the level of their profile as representatives for small business owners, and serve as advocates of greater success in the business community they also have a profound impact on the profitability, and growth of its membership base and wider network.

Small Business Owners and Professional Service Providers seeking to benefit from chamber of Commerce membership should attend membership meetings regularly, seek leadership positions on a committee level, or work to advance to board level positions in their local chambers. Chambers are a great place to display exemplary character which often leads to business development.

Local Chambers of Commerce often extend its reach by belonging to regional affiliates which expand its reach beyond its local market. The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce has joined the US Black Chambers of Commerce as an affiliate member which is comprised of 118 African American Chambers around the country. A second benefit of joining the US Black Chambers, Inc. is the support LIAACC gets from its School of Chamber and Business Management.

Never underestimate the potential value of belonging to your local chamber of Commerce, but remember your input, participation, and dedication to the chamber will necessitate you being patient over a period of time to reap its benefits.

“I have benefited from being a member of the chamber, as my profile in the community has grown immensely through my involvement at the chamber. I have also been booked for more speaking opportunities, newspaper interviews, radio and television shows. As a leading expert, lifestyle coach, author, and public speaker the chamber has provided tremendous value for my business.” Georgia Woodbine

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About the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. - The Mission of the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. is to advance and promote economic development for business and to advance responsive government and quality education on the behalf of all small businesses, with emphasis on African Ancestry, while preserving the Long Island community”. Long Island means the New York State counties on Nassau, Suffolk, Queens and Kings. A Chamber of Commerce is one of the most well-known and recognizable organizations in the country chartered to stimulate business in local and regional areas where they are designated to serve.

The Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. Regional Chamber Leadership Conference will be held on Tuesday, May 16, 2017 at the Hofstra University Club 225 Hofstra Boulevard, Hempstead, New York. The conference will begin at 10:00 am and end at 4:00. Ron Bubsy, President & CEO of the US Black Chambers, Inc. will serve as Keynote speaker for LIAACC’S Regional Chamber Leadership Conference.

Registration is available online click here: Regional Chamber Leadership Conference.

To be placed on our email list for upcoming events, inquire about membership, or corporate sponsor opportunities you may email the Long Island African American Chamber of Commerce, Inc. at info@liaacc.org or call us at 347-475-7158. Visit us online at LIAACC.

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