Yes Way Rosé to These Seven Frosé Recipes

Frozen rosé wine is anything but basic when you transform it into these refreshing recipes

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Raspberry Frosé Popsicles

If you haven't already tried tipsy popsicles, you're way overdue for this genius warm weather treat. These raspberry frosé pops are the perfect complement to whatever weekend plans you have. Grab the recipe here


Strawberry Peach Frosé

This frosé recipe calls for strawberries and peaches, but you could use whatever frozen fruits you have on hand. It only takes four ingredients and five minutes, so you can easily blend it up on any lazy summer evening. Check out the recipe here


Rosé Granita with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream

If you think frosé can't get any better, try adding a dollop of ice cream. For this recipe, vanilla bean ice cream imparts rich creaminess to a coarse rosé granita. Dive in here.


Rosé Sorbet

If you want frosé that's scoopable, not slurpable, follow this recipe for rosé sorbet. It's a simple recipe that allows the wine's flavor to really stand out. Dig in here


Frozen Watermelon Rosé Sangria Slushies

Frosé meets sangria in this slushy cocktail. For this recipe, you just throw all ingredients into a blender, so there's no need to think ahead or freeze your rosé. Check out the recipe here


Friday Frosé Float

This rosé on rosé float could make you forget what you ever saw in the root beer variety. A scoop of rosé sorbet is suspended in chilled rosé. Serve this and you'll be remembered as the epic summer party host. Cheers with this recipe here


Strawberry Rosé Popsicle Punch

If you want your get-together to end up on every IG story, simply serve these strawberry pops with wine poured over the top. Your guests will get a kick out of the fun twist on rosé—and thanks to a short ingredient list for the popsicles—just frozen strawberries, lemon juice, and some Stevia In The Raw for the right amount of sweetness—there's less time preparing and more time sipping. Get sipping with the recipe here