Knox School Student Talent on Display at Huntington’s Fotofoto Gallery

The Knox School celebrates the opening of the Spring 2017 Photography Exhibition in Huntington Village.

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Knox Photography and Media Arts Students with Kristen Tillona-Baker, Head of School and Teacher Patricia Colombraro at fotofoto Gallery.

Photo by: The Knox School

St. James, NY - April 11, 2017 - On April 1, 2017, students, faculty, and staff of The Knox School joined with friends, family, and community members to celebrate the opening of the Spring 2017 Photography Exhibition at fotofoto Gallery in Huntington Village, New York. Mrs. Patricia Colombraro, Knox's beloved teacher of Photography and Media Arts, curated the exhibition and organized the opening reception, featuring delicious baked items generously provided by The Rishi Family.
Photography on exhibit included work by EdipAkyurek, Isai Bala, Jaylon Boone, Nuofei (Phillip) Cai, Max Chen, Yinglun Gao, Daniel Leach, Po Tien (James) Lin, Nadia Lutz, Sydney Maslin, Darui (Cambon) Wang, and Lin (Katherine) Wang.
About The Knox School: The Knox School is a 501c3 nonprofit institution whose mission is to provide the opportunity for capable students to excel within a liberal arts program infused with artistic and athletic pursuits, in preparation for higher education at selective colleges and universities. Our philosophy is to provide a diverse student body with a traditional, structured, and familial atmosphere that fosters academic, intellectual, and character development while celebrating individual strengths and talent. Rooted in the six core principles of integrity, kindness, courage, respect, responsibility, and scholarship, the Knox School aims to inspire in each student a love of learning and the desire to continually develop the skills necessary to lead happy, confident, and successful lives in a complex and changing world.