Worries of Mold in Capri Sun Pouch Drinks Addressed with Clear Bottom Packaging


The next time you grab that fruit juice pouch for the kids, take these extra steps to check for mold.

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A popular kids’ pouch drink has had many consumers worrying after a few incidences were reported of mold found in Capri Sun products. The claims go back several years, and to address the matter, Kraft, the maker of Capri Sun has redesigned its packaging for the product to include a see-through bottom.

A full roll out of the product with the new see-through bottom takes place this month for all Capri Sun varieties, except the Capri Sun Big Pouch.

Capri Sun is a product with no artificial preservatives, flavors or colors so mold can develop when it’s exposed to air.

While Capri Sun indicates that safety is a top priority, it also goes on to say that only the packaging of the product has changed. The recipe remains the same with no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors.

It is therefore important for consumers to always check the “Best Used By” date for the product. It typically last for one year. Also before consuming the product, squeeze the pouch to check for any leaks or punctures. If the product has expired or leaks or punctures are found around the packaging, it should be disposed.

A preservative-free juice drink can develop food mold – similar to what may grow on fruit or bread – when it’s exposed to air. While it may not be a desirable sight, Capri Sun has responded that there are no significant or long-term health effects to consuming food mold.

In some instances, consumers have also claimed finding a worm in the juice pouch, but Capri Sun has responded to the matter saying mold can take the form of a straw – to look like a worm.

[Source: Capri Sun]

Photo  by Ramon FVelasquez, via Wikimedia Commons.