Adventureland Reopens April 10

Park opens with new rules in place due to Covid restrictions.

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Photo: Adventureland Facebook page.

If you grew up (or are growing up) on Long Island then odds are that Adventureland played a part in your childhood. After a year-long shutdown due to the coronavirus, Long Island’s longest running amusement park is ready to make memories again.


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Photo: Adventureland Facebook page.


The arcade officially opened again on March 27 and the park will open up rides as of April 10, after New York State put plans in place for amusement parks to reopen this spring.


This year, the park will also debut a new ride called the Sports Tower, a gondola tower that takes riders up over 60 feet into the air.


Adventureland's new ride for 2021, The Sports Tower. Photo: Adventureland Facebook page.


Of course, there are going to be some policy changes. First, the park will be admission only, meaning in order to enter you must pay. This due to the restricted capacity of the park this season due to Covid. Reservations will also have to be made online in advance before heading to the park. Parents will be able to get a parent season pass to accompany children season pass holders available for purchase in park only. The park also announced that people should check social media before they leave for the park where the public can find out if it hits capacity for that day.



“Again, please keep in mind just as this is new to you... it’s all new to us too,” a post on Adevntureland’s Facebook page read. “We are doing our best to provide a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone under these new restrictions.”


Photo: Royal Events Princess Parties’ Facebook page.


Among the special events planned for this weekend at the park is a visit by Royal Events Princess Parties’ Panther Hero on Sunday, April 11 from 11:30am-3:30pm.


To purchase a ticket to the park, click here.