Suffolk Receives Supply of Ventilators From New York State

Written by Ls Cohen  |  07. April 2020

Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone announced that Suffolk County received a supply of ventilators from New York State on Monday night.


“Last night we received 136 ventilators from New York State for our local hospitals,” Bellone posted on his Facebook page. “This critical equipment will help save lives as we continue to battle against this virus.”


It was reported that Suffolk County was able to secure 150,000 surgical masks for medical workers through the efforts of Congressman Lee Zeldin. 


Bellone said that they also expect a shipment of 200,000 N95 masks as well.


The County Executive thanked both Zeldin and President Donald Trump for the supplies, taking a bipartisan tone.


“We are all in this together,” he said.


Photo: Suffolk County Executive Steve Bellone Facebook Page.


The efforts will assist in easing the burden on Long Island’s medical system.


“We will continue to work in partnership to support our hospitals on the ground and get them the equipment that they need,” Bellone said.

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