New Reiki Practice Brings Energy Healing to Patients on Long Island

Healing From the Inside Out recently opened in Lake Grove.

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Photo: Shutterstock.

A peaceful calm comes over the body as a Reiki practitioner works the energy in and around your body to promote healing, whether it is from a physical injury or an emotional one. If you haven’t heard of Reiki yet, you are sure to soon. Reiki is a growing form of healing meditation that is getting more popular across Long Island.


“It’s a holistic hands on healing modality,” describes Attracta O' Sullivan, an Advanced Reiki Practitioner who is also a Registered Nurse. “I am a channel to provide Reiki healing to the client.”


Reiki healing energy, says O' Sullivan, goes exactly where it’s supposed to go in the body during a treatment.


After years of study, O' Sullivan became a certified Reiki master and recently set up her own practice in Lake Grove called Healing From the Inside Out.


A centuries old Eastern therapy, Reiki formally developed into its modern form of practice soon after the turn of the 20th century, according to one historical account available on the web. The technique is primarily a stress reduction and relaxation exercise that also promotes healing.


Reiki, pronounced Ray Key, is derived from two Japanese words: Rei meaning universal and Ki meaning life force.


O' Sullivan says that she had a personal experience with Reiki that drew her to begin her own practice journey. She had a nagging injury that needed more than conventional therapy to heal. That’s when she discovered Reiki. A compliment to traditional medical treatments, O' Sullivan asks only one thing of her clients.


“My only request to the client is to be open to the healing, whatever that may be,” she said.


Her clients tell her that they feel calmer after a Reiki session. She says it helps people with everything from losing weight to joint pain and more. After a session people often say they want their significant other to do Reiki so they can both enjoy the meditative benefits.


O' Sullivan says that anyone who wants to inquire about Reiki with her can go to her Healing From the Inside Out Facebook page and send a message or call.


The journey to Reiki master for O' Sullivan has been one both personal and professional.


“Reiki treatments proved to be positively beneficial not only for me but in the lives of my clients,” she said.