Legislator Browning and Mastic Beach Officials Team Up to Demolish Notorious Eyesore


Tree was growing through Unsafe Structure on Lynbrook Drive.

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Mastic Beach, NY - April 1, 2014 - One of the most notorious eyesores and unsafe structures in Mastic Beach was finally eliminated after a decade of community advocacy to have the building removed from the neighborhood. A partnership between Suffolk County and Mastic Beach Village, spearheaded by Legislator Kate Browning and Village Trustees Nick Busa, Gail Cappiello and Bob Morrow, resulted in the property being transferred from the County to the Village in March. The Village of Mastic Beach demolished the structure as soon as the transfer was completed. 
The structure, located at 62 Lynbrook Drive in Mastic Beach, has sat vacant for years. It became known throughout the community as the “tree house” due to a tree that had grown through the home. It was severely impacting property values in the surrounding neighborhood, and was deemed unsafe by both Suffolk County and Mastic Beach Village officials. For years the home was in private hands, preventing action to address the problem. Eventually the property was taken by Suffolk County for failure to pay taxes, which paved the way for the structure to be transferred to the Village. 
“This structure has been at the top of my priority list for years,” stated Legislator Kate Browning. “Its removal from the neighborhood will be a major benefit to surrounding property owners who have endured its negative impact for far too long. The quality of life in Mastic Beach continues to receive the focus it needs, and this is a huge victory towards the Villages’ revitalization.” 
“On behalf of the Village of Mastic Beach Mayor and board members, I want to thank Legislator Browning, Director Jill Rosen-Nikoloff and their staff for all their hard work on this project,” stated Mastic Beach Village Trustee Nicholas Busa. “The demolition of this unsafe structure has finally brought happiness to the residents of Lynbrook Drive after years of dealing with this eyesore. I look forward to working with the County in the near future on other important projects that will improve the quality of life in Mastic Beach.”