Suffolk SPCA: April is Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month

What should you do if you suspect cruelty to an animal?

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Suffolk County, NY - April 1, 2014 - Animal cruelty is defined as unjustifiable and intentionally or negligently causing extreme physical pain, suffering or death to an animal. 
What should you do if you suspect cruelty to an animal? Contact the Suffolk County SPCA or your local law enforcement agency. 
As a witness, you will need to be able to provide information about the situation, such as:
  • WHAT is happening, i.e. a description of the incident(s) - this may include information about an animal's physical condition and/or an act that was committed against the animal.
  • WHO is committing the offense - name & description of the person or persons, as well as a description of their vehicle (if applicable) with a license plate number - as much information as you can gather.
  • WHERE is the incident occurring - specific location, including address & cross streets.
  • WHEN did the incident occur - date & time.
To say nothing, to do nothing stops nothing. Recognize and report to help prevent animal cruelty.
Please join us in our mission to stop animal cruelty.