ALDONYS Swears In A New Leadership Slate For 2013

Written by Cait Russell  |  28. March 2013

Long Island, NY  March 28, 2013  – Mario J. Doyle, CPP, Chief Operating Officer of Doyle Security Services, Inc. (DSS), has been sworn in as the new president of the Associated Licensed Detectives of New York State (ALDONYS) for 2013-2014. New York State Senator Lee M. Zeldin conducted the swearing-in ceremony for Doyle and the organization’s other incoming officials in Manhattan.

Newly installed officers include Gil Alba of Alba Investigations, as vice president of investigations; Lisa J. Dolan, CPP of Securit, as vice president of security; Dave Spencer of Briggs Investigative Services, as secretary; and Thomas Ruskin of CMP Protective and Investigative Group, as treasurer.

“One of our ALDONYS goals is to increase public awareness and understanding of the vital role our industry plays in safeguarding people, businesses and critical infrastructure within New York,” said Doyle, who previously served as vice president of security for ALDONYS.

ALDONYS represents licensed security guard and private investigation firms and an estimated 151,000 security officers registered in the State.

“Among my own goals during these next two years is to continue educational opportunities for members while engaging and partnering with law enforcement leaders to reinforce their understanding of our industry. We’ll work to ensure that our organization continues effectively representing our stakeholders who spend each day involved in securing and protecting citizens and their enterprises. We will also remain diligent in preventing any negative legislation that could affect livelihoods of our members and their employees,” Doyle continued.

About ALDONYS: Founded in 1950, ALDONYS is the largest New York State not-for-profit

membership organization solely focused on representing interests of individuals, partnerships, and corporations that hold private investigator and watch guard/patrol agency licenses issued by the State of New York, Secretary of State, Division of Licensing Services.

For additional information contact: Erica Harrison, CPP, ALDONYS Spotlight Newsletter at: Erica.harrison@gmail.com, Phone -631-331-6001,  Website: www.aldonys.org

ALDONYS – 1971 Western Ave #232, Albany, NY 12203 – Phone: 518-621-4517

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