Six Wines to Sip and Savor This Season

These wine trends are sure to please beyond the palate, check out our six picks

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Not Your Typical Wine Bottle 

As more and more brands plan to jump on the alternative container bandwagon this year, people are realizing that high-quality wine can come in different sized packages. Sixty-six percent of today’s consumers decide what to drink based on where they are, and the laid-back nature of a can allows wine to be easily enjoyed outdoors and on-the-go, just like beer. Try options like our local winery Bridgelane, Babe Rose and Ruza, perfect for those Long Island summers by the beach or pool. 


Lighter Bodied Reds 

We’ll always save space on our wine racks for big, bold Cabernets and Zinfandels, but this season will be the year of light and bright reds. The 2018 Consumer Alcoholic Beverage Survey reported that 73-percent of wine drinkers say that wine pairs better with food than any other beverage—and lighter-bodied reds are especially meal-friendly. Open a juicy Pinot Noir like 90+ Cellars Lot 75 Pinot Noir, delicate Cru Beaujolais like 90+ Cellars Lot 159 Chénas, or crisp Tempranillo for a red wine that complements, rather than competes with, flavors on the table.


Organic Wines

From organic foods to natural skincare, today’s consumer is highly aware of what they put in and on their bodies—and their wine choices are channeling that same healthful energy. Natural wines and wines made with organic grapes have found their niche and continue to gain popularity. There isn’t an official definition for “natural” wine, but the approach is that the wine makes itself, with no additives, chemicals, or technological manipulation. And who doesn’t love delicious wine with a side of health benefits? 


Pop the Prosecco 

Bubbly was once reserved solely for special occasions, but sparkling wine is now more popular than ever. While some Champagnes can be pricey, delicious budget-friendly sparklers from other regions make popping bottles more approachable. Prosecco specifically just had a perfect harvest year and the Consortium estimates a total production of 480 million bottles of Prosecco DOC 2018. Plus, thanks to its fruity flavor profile, the Italian bubbly mixes especially well with added spirits and juices. Think Bellinis or a splash of Italian soda.


Bordeaux’s Comeback 

Wines from France’s most popular region are quintessential, but had been experiencing a decrease in popularity through the years. Rich Bordeaux reds age well, but drinkers got impatient waiting three decades to drink them; their hefty price tags also became a tough sell once high-quality, affordable wines came onto the scene from places like Australia, Chile, and California. Bordeaux’s recent rebrand put a fresh and economical spin on the traditional, with drinkable-yet-elegant wines that appeal a lot more to younger sippers.