William Floyd Youth & Government Dominates in Albany


The William Floyd HS Youth & Government Club has once again flexed its muscles at the 78th annual New York State YMCA Youth & Government Annual Conference.

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Albany, NY - March 21st, 2014 - The William Floyd High School Youth & Government Club has once again flexed its muscles at the 78th annual New York State YMCA Youth & Government annual conference held earlier this month in Albany where, for the second consecutive year, William Floyd took eight of the 12 presiding officer positions including the governorship and won myriad awards. Each March more than 600 students from schools across New York State descend on the state capital and engage in a simulated government in the actual legislative chambers.

“Year after year, William Floyd students outperform their competition to take the top positions and win the most awards at the Youth & Government conference,” said Paul Casciano, Superintendent, William Floyd School District. “Not only is it a credit to them, their hard work, dedication and preparation; it is also a credit to their advisors, Robert Feeney and Patricia Costell, who train and mentor these future leaders.”

Kelsey Barnett, the 2014 Youth & Government Governor, who presided over this year’s conference, was succeeded by junior Christy Zegel who will lead the 2015 conference. William Floyd also took the following leadership positions: Kelci Henn, Lt. Governor; Carolina Fuentes, President Pro Tempore (Senate); Ryan Taphouse, Deputy Speaker of Assembly Freedom; Vianna Iorio, Speaker of Assembly Liberty; Jarrod Mullally, Deputy Speaker of Assembly Liberty; Shadman Chowdhury, Chief Justice; and Umar Khan, Attorney General. 

William Floyd students also took home a number of awards including, Sarah Mazzarella, Kiana Telano and Alexandria Willets (Best Bill, Assembly Liberty); Travis Knoppert (Best Debater, Assembly Freedom); Andrea Torre (Best Lobbyist, Assembly Liberty); and Kayla Guarino (Best Firm Leader). William Floyd also had the top bill in each of the three chambers. Additionally, Kelsey Barnett, Ryan Taphouse and Umar Khan were selected as candidates to attend the YMCA Conference on National Affairs to be held this summer in Black Mountain, North Carolina. 

William Floyd High School seniors Vincent Kappel (Chief Justice) swears in Kelsey Barnett (Governor) to preside over the 2014 Youth & Government Conference. Miss Barnett was elected Governor at the 2013 conference. PLease note that additional photos are available at the William Floyd School District Flickr Page.