57 Summonses, 5 Trucks Placed Out of Service During Commercial Truck Checkpoint


The checkpoint was on the Long Island Expressway at the Truck Inspection Site near Exit 66.

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Suffolk County, NY - March 14, 2014 - The Suffolk County Police Department Highway Patrol Bureau Motor Carrier Safety Section, assisted by Highway Patrol officers, issued 57 summonses and placed five vehicles out of service at a commercial motor vehicle checkpoint this morning. 
The weight and safety checkpoint targeted trucks carrying heavy loads or that may be in a dangerous operating condition. The goal of this targeted enforcement is to remove dangerous commercial vehicles from Suffolk County’s roadways and to protect the highway infrastructure from the damage caused by overweight trucks. In addition to the weight inspections, safety inspections were also conducted as warranted.
A total of 25 commercial motor vehicles were weighed during this 5 hour checkpoint. Ten were in violation of weight regulations. The fines associated with these violations are in excess of $100,000. Additionally five safety inspections were conducted and all five vehicles were placed out of service until the safety violations are corrected. 
The 57 summonses issued were for weight and safety violations.