Blizzard Watch Updated To Blizzard Warning As Winter Storm Approaches

Written by Brian Re  |  13. March 2017

A previously-issued Blizzard Watch has now been updated into a full Blizzard Warning for New York City and central/western parts of Long Island.  For Long Island communities located east of the William Floyd Parkway, a Winter Storm Warning has been issued.  The warnings will be in effect from 12 AM on Tuesday through 12 AM on Wednesday.

Current estimates are indicating that snowfall totals in the range of 10-20 inches should be expected, with the highest totals likely centering around New York City and the west end of Long Island.  For communities covered under the Blizzard Warning, winds of 20-30 MPH are anticipated with gusts of 40-55 MPH potentially leading to whiteout conditions. The Winter Storm Warning covers communities that are expecting winds of 15-25 MPH, but gusts of over 60 MPH are likely along Long Island's North and South Forks.

Towns along the South Shore and in western sections of Long Island are also under a Coastal Flood Watch that is currently listed as minor to moderate.  Due to the expected treacherous conditions, travel will be dangerous throughout the Long Island area and is only advised for emergency situations.

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[Source: National Weather Service]

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