Legislator Mccaffrey Attends Tour of Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  13. March 2015

West Babylon, NY - March 13, 2015 - Suffolk County Legislator Kevin J. McCaffrey (R – Lindenhurst), recently met with members of the Association for Facilities Engineering, Chapter 4, at the Bergen Point Wastewater Treatment Plant in West Babylon.  McCaffrey was given an in-depth briefing on the operations of the facility, in addition to receiving a comprehensive guided tour.
The Bergen Point plant is a vital component of Suffolk County’s overall sewer system, as it services various communities well outside of the boundaries of West Babylon.  Due to environmental and related economic concerns, sewer systems on Long Island have been receiving a lot of attention as of late.  
Facilities such as Bergen Point are well aware of these concerns, in addition to the growing demand for and importance of their services.
Long Island, particularly Suffolk County, is increasing in population, yet many residents still rely on underground septic systems, which essentially function by leaching waste (most notably nitrogen) directly into the ground.  The alarming levels of nitrogen in various water systems have led the public and officials to consider the long term impact of septic systems, and are taking a serious look at the various benefits of alternatives such as an expanded public sewer system.
Although Bergen Point plays a key role in managing wastewater in an environmentally sound manner, it does have its share of concerns.  Chief among its concerns is its aging outfall tunnel, which will ultimately need replacing in the coming years.  While the outfall tunnel is aging, it is constantly monitored and maintained in order to ensure it functions as designed and does not pose immediate risks to the surrounding environment.
“It is no secret that Long Island’s infrastructure is being put to the limits with its growing population,” said McCaffrey.  “Facilities similar to Bergen Point are going to be relied upon more and more, which has a lot of potential benefits to our environment, but it also will require upgrades to meet the growing demands.  Looking to public sewer systems will absolutely be a key part in reducing nitrogen levels in our water systems here on Long Island.  I am confident that the dedicated professionals at Bergen Point will continue to work with both the government and the public to help meet our infrastructure needs, while simultaneously protecting our precious natural resources.  Additionally, I am fully committed to ensuring that the expansion of the Bergen Point Sewer Plant will not have an adverse impact on the residents near the plant.”

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