NYS Teacher of the Year Program Seeking 2014 Nominations


The NYS Teacher of the Year Program is seeking nominations from all school districts across LI and NYS for 2014 Teacher of the Year.

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The NYS Teacher of the Year Program is seeking nominations from all school districts across Long Island and New York State for 2014 Teacher of the Year. The program, now in its 44th year, is administered by the NYS Education Department and is the oldest and most prestigious teacher recognition program in the nation.

Each year, NYS recognizes and celebrates an outstanding educator selected to be an ambassador for NYS teachers and the NYS nominee for the National Teacher of the Year.

The NYS Education Department requires that a nominee:

  • be an exceptionally skilled and dedicated teacher
  • be appropriately credentialed within his or her current teaching area
  • work directly with children in a State-approved public, private, or institutional school at any grade level or in any subject area from pre-kindergarten through grade 12.
  • plan to continue to be a teacher
  • have a minimum of five years of current teaching experience
  • demonstrate leadership through active roles in the school and community
  • be poised and articulate, with the ability to manage a busy schedule

While all of these qualifications weigh in, the most significant consideration is a teacher’s ability to inspire learning in students of all backgrounds and aptitudes.

The selected teacher will represent the teaching profession across NYS, making public appearances to communicate the importance of teaching and learning and will also become New York's entrant in the National Teacher of the Year Program.

A teacher may be nominated by any person within a school or community including parents, students, business leaders, school administrators, or colleagues. The formal nomination process involves the support of decision-making groups within the school community in acknowledging the outstanding qualifications of the nominee, including a letter of introduction prepared by the chief administrator of the nominee's school.

The nominating deadline is Friday, March 29, 2013; and nominating packets must be returned to the NYS Education Department in Albany by then. Electronic nominations can be submitted to otiadmin@mail.nysed.gov. Questions may be directed to (518) 474-4661 or otiadmin@mail.nysed.gov.

Remember, anyone can nominate a teacher!

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