A Thank You Letter from Cody's Mom from the Nassau County SPCA

Written by Long Island News & PR  |  01. March 2014

North Massapequa, NY - February 28, 2014 - There is so much I want to say, so this is going to be long. 
I cannot express in words the feelings my family and I are feeling. Cody never would have been found if it wasn't for all of you. As we go through life, we live as strangers to each other. I now believe you are not strangers, but Angels sent from Heaven. I want to thank the so many of you who were printing and distributing flyers, searching the preserves every day and night regardless of the weather, bringing food, driving the streets for hours on end, and especially for all your positive reassuring thoughts and prayers. Your dedication, determination, concern and love was truly overwhelming and very much appreciated. You all hold a very special place in my heart. I will never forget your passion for finding Cody. May God bless you all!
There are some very special Angels I would like to thank. First to Andrea Mecca Guerriere and Cassandra Blandeburgo. You were my eyes, ears and voice during this very stressful time. I was in panic mode and had no idea what to do. Cassie, my "daughter", thank you for making Cody his own Facebook page, getting Cody's information on here, and posting messages for me. Andrea, my "sister", for knowing just the right people to get our search started, your fierce support and strength and keeping Cody's page updated. I love you both very much. To Jennifer Rando, you are my warrior. Always there in a flash just when I needed you. You always seemed to know I needed you before I did. You are a force to be reckoned with, and my new friend for life. To Johnny, for constantly nagging your awesome mom Danielle Granato Barry, to search endlessly for Cody. Your help was essential to us and helped find him. To all of the friends and family Andrea reached out to that hit the ground running to help. To Terrie Johnson Berzler for being home when my son Michael knocked on your door in a panic asking to use your phone to call for help, and then posting about Cody immediately on the Massapequa Moms Group. And to the entire Massapequa Moms Group and Lost and Found Pets of Long Island for spreading the word so quickly, what amazing groups you are and am proud to now be a part of them.
To our Sunday searchers, L.I. Furry Elders and Super Pets Dog Trainers, and to the 100 or so "strangers" that are now my Angels, for taking the time out of your own busy lives to come and help look through the preserves, some of you with your own beautiful doggies, including a couple of bloodhounds (very cool) to search for mine. 
To our experts: Eddie Dogman, Tracker; Gary Rogers, Nassau County SPCA; Nancy Giris, Town of Hempstead Animal Shelter Adoption Coordinator; Town of Oyster Bay Animal Shelter Control Officers, Chris, Lisa, Brad and Anthony, who set the traps right where they needed to be, and the Staff for taking great care of Cody once he was found. And the Massapequa Animal Hospital. There are not enough words to thank you. Your are the Guardian Angels for all animals and for all of us "mommies and daddies". Your expertise and dedication is absolutely amazing! What a great community I live in. 
I have been trying to keep track of everyone who so generously devoted so much time these last 2 weeks to Cody and my family. Please know, I am truly grateful to EVERYONE here, reading this right now. 
Love & Blessings,
The Nassau County SPCA would like to add their thanks the hundreds of people would came together to search for Cody and the hundreds of thousands who shared Cody's plight on social media with our the help of this community this "team" effort would not have had such a joyous ending...We Salute You!!!

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