Senator Boyle To Introduce Bill To Require That Schools Conduct Threat Assessments Of All Buildings

Senator Recommends State Funding for Schools Assessment Requirement.

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NYS Senator Phil Boyle.

Photo by: Office of Senator Phil Boyle

Bay Shore, NY - February 23, 2018 - In the wake of the most recent school shootings in Florida and California, NYS Senator Phil Boyle is introducing legislation that will require every school district in the state of New York to do a threat assessment on all of their school buildings. To ensure compliance, and to eliminate any new unfunded mandates, the Senator recommends that the state provide the funding to the districts to complete the assessments. 
“A lot of schools are not aware of their vulnerabilities”, said Senator Boyle. “They need to know every entrance and exit and who has access to those areas. They should know what doors and windows are locked and unlocked, and who, if anyone, has the responsibility of monitoring those areas. The time for chance and uncertainty is over! The safety and well-being of our children and the staff of our schools are dependent upon what we know. Only then can we take corrective measures to ensure effective safety and security measures.”