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Nassau County SPCA: Valentine's Day and Your Pet

Chocolate, flowers, and pets are not a purr-fect match!

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Nassau County, NY - February 13th, 2015 - Now that we have managed to dig your way out after the snow, we can finally turn our attention to Valentine's Day! hint: it's tomorrow.
Many of us give gifts of love to that special people in our lives. While these gifts may be good for our relationship with our Valentine, many of the common gifts we give or get to celebrate this romantic holiday can pose pet health concerns.
Here are three things your pet definitely DOES NOT want for Valentine's Day:
1. Chocolate and Candies. Chocolate, especially darker chocolate's are highly toxic to cats and dogs. Many candies and gums contain Xylitol. This sugarless sweetener is highly toxic to pets. Always keep chocolate and candies out of your pets reach.
2. Flowers. Certain flowers and plants can be harmful or even deadly to cats and dogs. Flowers such as lilies are highly toxic if ingested by pets. Make sure to keep a special eye  on cats, their excellent climbing skills can give them easy access to flowers and plants.  And indoor cats especially are prone to nibble on greenery!
3. Decorations. Discarded ribbons and packaging can be toxic and even deadly to pets if they are ingested. Balloons also pose a big risk to our furry friends. If swallowed, balloons can cause chocking or blocked airways. Clean up after you've opened presents and make sure balloons are resting some where away from your pets.
Need a gift suggestion for your pet this Valentine's Day? Give them what they really want, of course - extra love and attention, cheek scratches and tummy rubs! Please keep the nice and warm inside with you!
Have a Happy Valentine's Day from the Nassau County SPCA!