National Grid Takes Front Seat Preparing LIPA System for Winter Storm “Nemo”

Long Islander's who suffered from power outage during Superstorm Sandy learned a thing or two. Expectations are the handling of power outage from Winter Storm Nemo will also be handled differently with National Grid taking ...

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The mishandling of the power outage situation on Long Island during Superstorm Sandy still remains clear on many people’s mind. As another big storm – Winter Storm Nemo – arrives to Long Island, fears are that there will be electrical outages again. The difference this time is National Grid is taking charge.

Since LIPA’s start in 1998, this is the first time it is handing over authority. LIPA is deferring storm operations and response to National Grid.

Winter Storm Nemo is expected to bring heavy rain, snow, localized flooding and damaging winds with the potential to reach 60 mph to Long Island. According to LIPA, Nemo can cause electrical outrages for over 100,000 customers on Long Island. However, expectations are that most customers losing power from the storm will have it restored within 24 hours.

National Grid is taking advance steps, including securing extra line crews and tree trimmers, pre-stocking locations with materials, such as wires, transformers and restoration equipment, adding call center personnel for extended coverage and contacting local municipalities to convey plans for coordinated tree and debris removal activities.

National Grid is also ensuring everyone is being alerted of the storm’s progress with around-the-clock monitoring and outreach via phone calls, media alerts, email blasts, press conferences and public service announcements via local radio stations. LIPA’s website also offers updated information.

Customers faced with power outages can contact National Grid through the LIPA hotline at (800) 490-0075 or at (631) 755-6900. To report via text messaging, text OUT to myLIPA (695472) - pre-registration is required.

The Long Island Power Authority’s Storm Central website is also offering storm safety and preparedness tips and an informational video and guidance.