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History: c1900 Photo of Montauk Native American Tribe Member Snoozing

Image of Christopher Cuffee Sr. as he relaxes on an ice wagon.

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Photo: The Long Island Collection, East Hampton Library.

This image of Christopher Cuffee Sr., a Montauk Tribe member, is from the Long Island Collection, East Hampton Library.


Caption on back of photograph reads: The conflict of the Eastville Montauks with the Freetown Montauks, and other matters of tribal interest, seem the furthest things from the mind of Christopher Cuffee Sr., one of the councilors of the Eastville Montauks, as he snoozes in the shade of the ice wagon, sometime around mid-summer in 1900.


Photo: The Long Island Collection, East Hampton Library.


Assisted by other tribal councilors such as Walter Halsey, Mrs. M.L. Cuffee, and Israel, Christopher Cuffee performed his duties well. However, the sun was apparently too much for him on this day and forgetting tribe and customers as well, he pulled the wagon off the road, tied the horse in the shade, and decided to get away from it all, at least for a little while.