Local Groundhogs Disagree Over Weather Predictions

Written by Ls Cohen  |  04. February 2020

If you ask Holbrook Hal or Malverne Mel, there will be six more weeks of winter this year. Amid groans and boos from the audience on Sunday Holbrook Hal who resides at the Holtsville Ecology Center made his prediction of six more weeks of winter. Malverne Mel agreed after seeing his shadow when he came out of hybernation. Both have been predicting the weather annually for many years on Long Island so we have to take them at their word.


Not so fast.


There are a couple of new groundhogs on the weather scene and they beg to differ. According to reports, both Quogue Quigley and Great Neck Greta said they did not see their shadows therefore Spring will be sprung early this year.


Who to believe, the more experienced groundhogs or the rookies?


We can split the difference and say that in three weeks Spring will arrive!

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