Governor Cuomo Launches Training Program to Prepare Citizens for Disasters

Written by Joe Randazzo  |  03. February 2014

Governor Andrew Cuomo has launched a program which will train and prepare 100,000 New Yorkers for emergencies and disasters. The Citizen Preparedness Corps Training provides citizens with tools to prepare for emergency disasters, respond accordingly, and recover as quickly as possible to pre-disaster conditions. The website, www.prepare.ny.gov, is the home of the training program. It offers information about training dates, how you can volunteer, and disaster preparedness tips.
“We want our state's citizens to be the most prepared in the nation for natural disasters as we continue to reimagine New York for a new reality,” said Governor Cuomo. “Our first responders displayed incredible skill and dedication during Hurricane Irene, Tropical Storm Lee and Hurricane Sandy. Through the Citizen Preparedness Corps, New Yorkers will also be better prepared to help their communities. Our goal of training 100,000 New Yorkers to be their own first responder in their communities will make New York even more equipped to face future challenges.”
During one of the first Citizen Preparedness Corps training sessions, 600 people in Staten Island and 600 people in Suffolk County showed up. Each person worked with experts from local law enforcement, the New York National Guard, Division of Homeland Security, and the Emergency Services’ Office of Emergency Management and Office of Fire Prevention and Control.
One of those experts was Major General Patrick A. Murphy –an Adjutant General in the New York State Division of Military and Naval Affairs. Murphy said of the training, “The men and women of the New York Army and Air National Guard understand the value of being prepared for any emergency, since our service members are always there to assist when disaster strikes. Our Soldiers and Airmen are proud to be part of the Governor's effort to better prepare New Yorkers to handle floods, hurricanes, tornados, snowstorms or whatever nature can throw at us. We look forward to engaging our fellow New Yorkers in this important emergency preparedness training.”
Volunteers will be given a Citizen Preparedness Corps Response Kit to assist those in need during disasters. Experts say during a disaster citizens may have to make it on their own for 7 to 10 days. The kit and the training will help them get through times with no electricity, heat, air conditioning, and zero telephone service. 
The kit contains plastic drop cloths, a light stick, two D batteries, first aid kit, face mask, safety goggles, AM/FM pocket radio with batteries, six packs of drinking water, six food bars, regular flashlight, emergency blanket, duct tape, work gloves, and a water bottle. Participants will also be trained in what else should be added to the kit such as one's personal information.
Trainers will also teach participants how to register for NY-Alert - a free statewide emergency alert system. 
Emergency management programs such as this one was a hot topic in Governor Cuomo's State of the State Address. Since Cuomo has taken office, there have been nine presidentially declared disasters. The Citizen Preparedness Corps Training was part of a $17 billion funding plan to prepare for extreme weather. The money will also go to the state’s infrastructure, transportation networks, energy supply, coastal protection, and a weather warning system.
Click here to sign up for the next training date. 
[Source: Governor Cuomo]
The feature image is a photo of the Citizen Preparedness Corps Training Kit

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